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Year Make Style Model Mileage New/Used Length Fuel State Actions Price
2018 Ford Cutaway E-350 59876 Used 18' G PA View: Truck
2017 Hino Straight 268A 108960 Used 24' D CA View: Truck $67,900
2022 Freightliner Straight M-2 47964 Used 26' D GA View: Truck
2016 Isuzu Cab-Over NPR 93689 Used 20' G TN View: Truck
2020 Freightliner Walk-In MT-55 41984 Used 20' G OH View: Truck
2019 Ford Cutaway E-350 43870 Used 18' G PA View: Truck
2016 Ford Straight F550 6494 Used 18' G OH View: Truck $59,500
2020 Freightliner Walk-In MT-45 62933 Used 18' G WA View: Truck

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